I love calling Phoenix home. People don’t believe me when I tell them Phoenix is the wave, but this city has grown so much and will continue to do so for years to come. I’m convinced that soon we’ll have Los Angeles-like traffic.

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a huge art scene in Phoenix. It’s honestly one of my favorite qualities about the city. There is art in every crevice in Phoenix–in coffee shops, on walls & sidewalks, and in the plentiful art museums at our disposal. Visiting art museums is one of my favorite ways to escape the blistering heat. For the longest time now I’ve been wanting to go to the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera art exhibit at the Heard Museum and I finally had the chance to go with my friend Johnny.

The museum’s collection of paintings and photographs was a lot smaller than I expected, but was great to check out nonetheless. (Especially with Johnny’s hilarious commentary). As an artist of Mexican descent, I’m naturally obsessed with the self-portrait painter. I know almost all there is to know about Frida, and I’m always jumping at the chance to see any of her work in person.

Below is a photo I snapped of Self-Portrait with Monkey, one of the larger pieces featured in the exhibit.

Self Portrait with Monkey

Aside from Frida’s self-portraits, I also loved the many photographs of Frida and Diego in the exhibit. I have seen so many of these photos before, but seeing them in person along with a detailed timeline of their time together really made them come alive. The photographs describe the story of Frida and Diego’s relationship. One of the more striking images of them together was of their kiss following their second marriage ceremony. I captured some of my favorite images of Frida below.

Isn’t Frida’s stare into the camera so mesmerizing?

As a fashion enthusiast, my favorite part of the exhibit was of course the showcase of Frida’s clothes. Frida’s wardrobe was truly iconic; the various colors, patterns, and textiles incorporated into her every day wardrobe expressed her emotions in addition to her paintings. The woman really had her own style.

The accessories in this collection were also very elaborate. Large chunky beaded jewelry, woven shawls, and gorgeous floral headpieces adorned the mannequins.  While nobody could wear these garments as well as the iconic woman herself, there were so many pieces that I would love to wear even now, decades later. I was inspired by these selections from her closet to add more colors and patterns to my closet.

While the majority of my time was spent in the Frida and Diego exhibit, I did check out some of the other exhibits at the Heard Museum. I love that they all pertain to Arizona’s culture and serve to inform me more regarding Phoenix’s past as well as the American Indian culture.

On the way out Johnny and I snapped a few (too many) photos at the flower wall. It was a good moment to document my OOTD.

Cami / Boyfriend Jeans (similar) / Bag (similar)

A huge thank you to Johnny for seeing the exhibit with me (despite having already seen it) There’s no other art nerd I’d rather go to museums with.

P.S. If you were interested in going to a Phoenix Museum, there are plenty of opportunities to do it for free. The Heard Museum is free on first fridays, The Phoenix Art Museum is free on Wednesdays, and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is free on Thursdays.

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