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Easter used to be one of my favorite holidays growing up. When I was younger, it was of  due to a combination of candy + pretty dresses that were sometimes uncomfortable. Then as I got older, I loved to partake in the preparations of the Easter egg hunt–filling the eggs with goodies and then hiding them in the most clever places I could think of.

Once I went away for college, Easter has kind of just been one of those holidays I don’t even think about. I usually spend the holiday catching up on work and admiring photos of other spending it at home with their families (SAD, I know). This year I decided to switch things up and do something fun. My friend Sabrina and I took a day trip to Giverny, France where the famous Claude Monet once lived.

The first stop on the way to Giverny was to see the Vieux Moulin de Vernon. It’s one of the last still standing ponts with a bâtisse (house) in France. If you’re lucky, you can usually tour the inside of the house. I, however, was not.

The trip to Giverny from Paris was surprisingly short. It’s hard to believe that a place so secluded from the city exists not far from Paris. I won’t bore you with with explaining every little detail about the Claude Monet House; it’s really something that you have to see for yourself.  It’s also very inexpensive to do–the ride from Paris to Giverny is the hardest part.

Don’t let the next photos fool you, the garden is supposed to be a lot prettier than this. It’s been an incredibly cold winter in Paris and Monet’s Japanese-inspired garden was actually lacking its usual colors because of it. Nevertheless, it was beautiful and I felt so lucky to get to see the places that inspired some of his most famous works.

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Even without the famous lilies, the garden was beautiful. I was also surprised to see so much bamboo in France.

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Since it was stil freezing (in APRIL, might I add), I wore my EXPRESS pea coat. I tried to be festive for the easter holiday by pairing it with a soft pink sweater and this LOVE scarf from H&M. My pants aka cigarette trousers are also from H&M and very on-trend with the Parisians right now.

Want to dress like a Parisian? All you need are New Balance or Adidas sneakers and some grey slacks.

I’ve also been using my Longchamp Le Pliage sac à dos a lot. I have it in ‘Kaki,’ which is just an olive green and love it so much. I find it super handy to have on day trips like these.

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After spending some time in the Japanese garden, Sabrina and I went to tour the inside of Monet’s actual home. I was a fan of the pink and green theme Monet had going. Apparently Monet himself chose these bright green shutters in a time where shutters were traditionally painted grey. I guess he has always been a fan of color.

The barn next to the house was where Monet used to work. There were chickens in a pen encircling the barn, which really reminded me that I was no longer in Paris.

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The front of Monet’s house

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I was not surprised to see the interior of his home filled with tons of artwork and many colors. The image below is of Monet’s first studio. It is also where he would take visitors to smoke and chat. The paintings depicted here are replicas, as the real paintings have been moved to museums across the world. But Monet did like to have his art on the walls like this.

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Monet’s old bedroom

If the front of his home didn’t speak enough about his love of color, the rest of Monet’s home certainly does. The dining room was a vibrant yellow with blue and white china to adorn the space. And of course, there was some art in this room as well.

The kitchen was quite large and lined with blue and white tiles that really brought out the copper pots and other decorative pieces in the space.

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I will be looking back at these photos to draw some inspiration when I have my own kitchen.

I’ve seen Monet’s Water Lilies in real life, but seeing his home and the place that actually inspired the painting was surreal. Though not a conventional way to celebrate Easter, I was glad to escape Paris for a day and tour the home of one of the most famous painters in the world. Maybe one day I’ll come back when its warmer to see the garden in its full glory.

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